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Working with Us

At Premier Plumbing Studio, we understand the importance of integrated plumbing solutions that complement refined tastes and elevate living spaces. When you meet with our team of plumbing professionals, we help craft your design vision into reality with every faucet, fixture, and fitting. Here’s how it works:

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Schedule Your Design Consultation

Reach out to us through a phone call or email. Let us know your preferred time, and we will schedule an appointment, ensuring that our undivided attention is devoted to you and your design plans.

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Gather the Essentials

Before your visit, collect a few key items to bring with you. This will set us up for success and ensure we get the most out of our appointment. Please bring:

  • Plans or Blueprints: By understanding the dimensions and layout of your rooms, we’ll be able to guide you to the right products.
  • Samples: Bring any samples of countertops, cabinets, tiles, and other elements that would help us coordinate plumbing selections that resonate throughout the entire space.
  • Your Creative Inspiration: Share photos and videos that inspire your design. These images transform words into tangible substance and give us a clear idea of what you’re looking for.
  • Budget: By understanding your budget, we can expertly and efficiently guide you to the best pieces for each and every project.
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Visit the Showroom

Our dedicated staff will curate a selection that includes all the rooms where you’ll need plumbing. Using our vast knowledge of premium brands and how they function in the home, we’ll make sure every piece is chosen with meticulous care so that they all work together in your design.

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Get the Proposal

After our meeting, we’ll take everything we’ve talked about and translate it into a comprehensive proposal that includes pricing details as well as pictures of your selections. From the grandest concepts to the smallest details, we include every aspect in the proposal and will send it to all necessary parties.

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Ordered & Delivered

Once your selections have been approved, we place your order. Then when it arrives, we’ll schedule a complimentary delivery to the job site where your vision can finally be brought to life.

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Support Beyond the Sale

From help with specialized installation to assistance after the fact, our team will be there to make sure everything is working the way it should be.

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We look forward to delivering a level of luxury plumbing that exceeds your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Design Consultation FAQs

How long does a consultation last?

For a new construction we allow up to 2 hours. Otherwise plan on approximately 30-35 minutes per room.

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At what point during my project do I need to select my plumbing?

Plumbing selections should start as soon as you break ground for new construction or once you have a contractor or plan devised for your remodel project. The sooner you make these choices, the better the chances you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for.

How much will my plumbing cost?

Plumbing costs are variable. The final number depends on a wide variety of factors, including who is making the purchase as well as the fixtures and finishes you choose. We’re happy to work with all parties involved (designer, homeowner, installer, etc.) to get final pricing.

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What our interior design clients have to say

“Premier Plumbing Studio has become an indispensable partner. Their unwavering commitment to providing the perfect products for my clients is remarkable. I can always rely on their expert team, who go above and beyond to assist me with anything I need. Their exceptional service and product selection have elevated my design projects, and I highly recommend them to fellow designers and homeowners alike. ”

Ellie Redders | Ellie Redders Interiors